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 the 2006 Year:
'The Relentless Pursuit For Complete Obedience'


"Tell me where you want me to go and I will go there. May every fiber of my being unite in reverence and obedience unto Your name."
Psalms 86:11 Living Bible

Even with cold temperatures and a little snow yet falling here and there, we look forward to Spring!
This season brings so many wonderful things with it, revitalizing, refreshing, and newness all around. We experience a sense of hope, expectation and anticipation in many areas of life. Christians also experience a newness as we consider doing more in our service unto God. We consider 'how can we please God more?' What more can we do?
There is a way and it is found in the level of our obedience to Him. We must understand that there is obedience then there is 'complete obedience.' What distinguishes one from the other? When God prompts us by the Holy Spirit to do something, give something or to help out, how do we respond? Are our first thoughts about 'how we really don't feel like doing this.' 'Why me?' 'I really need to do some things for me!' If you have to ponder, question, hesitate, procrastinate, pout or make excuses, you're not giving complete and absolute obedience. We need to understand, first of all there's no excuse that we can give God! In His omniscience, He is all-knowing, so He already knew about the things that were going on in your life and He yet chose you.
In 2006, we must be more determined to completely obey what the Lord requires of us. If we obey God in our time, our stride and method, we obeyed but we really didn't 'please God' because the effort we made was all about us.
We should be waiting in anticipation to completely obey what God tells us with the constant focus 'complete obedience pleases God and causes my service to be unselfish.'

"Obedience is far better than sacrifice. God is much more interested in your listening to Him than in your offerings..."
I Sam. 15:22

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2009 Theme
‘The Relentless Pursuit For Complete Obedience’


“...May every fiber of my being unite in reverence
and obedience unto Your name."
Psalms 86:11 Living Bible 


The Editor of Spirit-Touch...
Min. Marie DePree

This is something that I have desired to do for quite sometime now. Originally, Spirit-Touch started out as just a section entitled 'From The Editor's Chair' on our Women's Ministry site, but the time has come that this newsletter has grown to the size of a magazine. There were more things we desired to add that were given as suggestions but there wasn't enough room. So we are expanding the vision that we may reach more with all that God has given to us. He has given me a heart for ministry, to reach out and touch as many lives as we can with His precious love and anointed power. We ask your prayers as we earnestly seek God for His direction with this magazine. Send your inquiries about Spirit-Touch to our email address below. Thank you!


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Minister Marie DePree/EDITOR
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